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JIRA to Task Managers

I used to have a JIRA to Omnifocus Script which fell into disrepair for a bit.

It worked well, but as the Mac modernized itself it ended up with a lot of issues.

So I rewrote it by splitting it into a front-end (JIRA) and back-ends (the different task managers) for Yosemite and El Capitan. Now […]

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Stupid monitoring trick: Watch mysql queries fly

Put this somewhere in your ~/bin:
watch ‘echo “show processlist” | mysql -u whateveruser –password=mypassword | grep -v “show processlist” ‘
Now run it and you will have a poor man’s monitor, kind of like top but for MySQL. That coupled with screen (or multiple terminals) may give you some quick and easy piece of mind.

This […]

Speed Up Firefox web browser – Ubuntu Geek

Ubuntu Geek provides a great little guide on speeding up Firefox. A lot of the about:config settings he proposes changing are already fairly optimal on a Mac, but disabling IPv6 seemed to make the most difference on my case.

[From Speed Up Firefox web browser | Ubuntu Geek]

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JIRA To Omnifocus Script

This script logs into your JIRA and creates OmniFocus tasks for each of the JIRA items that are assigned to you, so they sync to your Omnifocus for iPhone, you only have to keep track of one inbox, etc. It only takes a tiny bit of setup.

Ruby Appscript – Sweet automation

Yesterday a coworker pointed me to ruby’s appscript. I have found it nothing short of amazing. I love my Mac, and many of us like the idea of automating our software, until we try to use AppleScript to do it. To say that Applescript is professional developer unfriendly is an understatement. I like ruby but […]

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Concurrency Strategies for Hibernate Caching

Caching and concurrency management are tricky. If you have a cache that lives in memory but you have updates to the database that the objects originally came from, how are you going to make sure that the cached objects still reflect the contents of the database? This really depends on what type of data you […]

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On the topic of assertions

Every assertion should be thought from the standpoint of

What was expected
What actually happened

Translation: assertTrue should always, always have a message.

Consider the following:


This will only return “assertion failed”. Which is great, but how do we know what happened? If this is buried on one of the lunt automated remote builds, how […]

Wazaabi – XUL for RCP.

This opens pretty interesting possibilities:

Via TheServerSide:

Wazaabi includes a GUI framework that brings XUL to Eclipse RCP plugin developers and a set of components that link the client-side XUL based viewers and forms to server-side business components. Thus, rich client developers can use XUL to code a GUI, rather than using SWT.Wazaabi brings XUL to […]

Cheatsheet: Favorite Eclipse Plugins

This is a quick little cheatsheet with my favorite eclipse plugins and the locations of their update sites. It’s so I can get back up and running quickly when reinstalling eclipse from scratch.

Eclipse Checkstyle –
Spring IDE –
Fitnesse by Band XI –
Subversion for Eclipse –
Memory Monitor –
Mylar – (or […]

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Graphical Modeling Framework

Boy don’t I know this – in a prior life I wrote a GEF editor for a workflow engine.

Let me be blunt: In the past, creating graphical editors within Eclipse using the Graphical Editor Framework (GEF) was slow and painful. It involved understanding a complex framework and quite a bit of redundant code. That […]

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