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Blogging with TextMate

Who would have known? I’ve been using TextMate for a while now, and now I find out that you can use it to post blogs. I guess you learn something new every day. here’s the movie on how to use it.

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And here’s a picture of it in action.

Textmate Blogging

Rocks, I tell you, it rocks. 🙂 Maybe now I can start blogging more often, if it’s right on my editor.

It doesn’t support technorati tags, but I just edited the bundle template to remind me.

Before I was using Flock to post, this works a bit different but it doesn’t require to have another app open.

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  1. Chris Morris

    It is so great to see you using your Mac more and more and loving it. It makes me smile! Textmate is an amazing editor…I am always learning more and more everyday with it. Keep up the mac posts.

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