The sad state of Mac OS X Photo Management Software

I gave iPhoto an honest try, and I’m going back to Picasa on the PC for managing my photos.. iPhoto is just a ridiculously bloated, silly excuse for a photo management program, especially when you have a very large library. It has been acting up ever since I got it and things have not gotten better.

Is there alternative photo organizer software for OS X? iPhoto is driving me nuts. I’m not interested in anything that costs money — just a reliable free download that will organize and display photos. Thanks.

iPhoto Alternatives?? | Ask MetaFilter

I may give some of these programs mentioned in the link a try – I installed Lightbox. It’s plenty fast, but it struck me more as a RAW camera conversion software that “grew” into a photo management program. The problem is that it can’t do simple things like rotating the pictures with the keyboard.

I’ll probably try iView when I get a chance. But Picasa is free, so shelling out $40 for something that is better on the PC side for free makes me feel like a fool. What I wish for is Picasa for the Mac 🙂 Maybe when I upgrade my OS I will try iPhoto again, because I really don’t want to stay on the PC.

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