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Beginner's AJAX Advice: Learn CSS First!

Sometimes the best advice is sitting in comments…

**Ajax is not a substitute for good style construction.** If you want a DIV to change 19 different styles when you do something to it, write a small, intelligent set of CSS classes that govern the changeable vs. unchangeable styles and use JS to add or subtract from the className property, instead of trying to make the code figure out the 14 out of 19 things that need to change.

Ajax should be mostly about behavior, and leave most visual look & feel to CSS techniques. Gee, that sounds familiar … I think the same thing was once said about something called HTML. 😉

If you’re not well-versed in CSS (real cascading techniques, not just using the syntax here & there) then stop developing and take the time to learn before going any further.

Ajax : Ajax Mistakes – SWiK (Comment)

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