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Flock as a blogging tool – would like a source editor please!!

So I’m trying to use Flock (0.5pre) so I can test it as a browser and see how it behaves. The idea is to take as little time possible for blogging and still do it regularly (and well). Flock seems to make it pretty easy. I’m liking the whole “social browsing” thing.

Flock has easy blogging tools built in to let you draft, format, and publish, right from your browser. Flock talks to your blog account and handles all your blogging from one window.

To be fair to flock, they are still a developer preview (which looks awesome by the way). Blogging seems to work okay. However – what I would die for is a source editor right on the blog post editor. I use geshi and therefore I need to go to source to set the source tags and the target language, since I regularly blog source code for my CBBTR (can’t be bothered to remember) section.

Update: As you can see in the comments – there IS a source editor. Found it! Thanks! It would be nicer if it was easier to find. 🙂 Now I don’t have to worry about going to the admin portion of my website and edit the post again. Love it!

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  1. Erwan

    There is a source editor. It’s located on the bottom of the editor, just drag the slider to show the source.

    I know, it’s very hard to find!

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