iPhone: No, we do need a real programming model

I do love my iPhone. But.. I’m writing this while commuting on an underground train, of course without a connection. And of course there’s Airplane mode. Being out of the country. There’s a million reasons to need to use the iPhone disconnected.

You just can’t tell me that, since the programming model is fully on the web, that I cannot use my apps when not connected. People’s brains just don’t work like that. It’s a major cognitive dissonance that of the 12 main menu options on the machine, 5 don’t work unless you are connected at the time.

So a “real” programming model, with a rich language and apps that get downloaded to the machine and store their data locally simply makes sense.

I mean, this machine has 8Gb of storage, for crying out loud.

At least my Blackberry was smart enough to know when it was disconnected and would save the request for when it connected again (so it could show me the pages on the message viewer). I missed that today.