Mail.App, GPGMail bundle and unread bit

I seemed to always have a problem with the unread bit getting “forgotten” on I thought it was a bug on Apple’s product but apparently the bug is actually on the GPGMail bundle. Here is how to fix it.

According to The FAQ you’re supposed to disable the automatic encryption/verification of emails. It does say that it doesn’t help everyone. Well the reason is that you also have to make sure the “Only if Message is Unread” checks are clear (even if you disable it). So to keep the automatic verification but fix the bug with the unread stuff make your settings look like this:

Gpg Mail Settings Unread fix

Credit should go to a post on Dr Bacchus’ Journal by Leander which references The GPGMail FAQ and a message explaining the full problem at the Sente mailing lists.

This really makes my day. I love using gpg but I also have to write a lot of mail and love the help the bundle provides. I had uninstalled it for a while because the read bit problem was screwing up my mental workflow.

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