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Mac Zealotry and Steve's Reality Distortion

So yes, I’m slowly switching to using Macs, but I won’t be a zealot (and neither should you). Although I didn’t write it, this is an insightful comment that reaffirms my reasons for avoiding zealotry and kool-aid drinking.

Steve Jobs is getting an awful lot of praise and recognition as of late for being a multi faceted, immensely talented CEO … and no doubt; he is. Most of all; he is visionary. I don’t dispute the deistic award bestowed upon him; "Possibly the greatest CEO in the history of the corporate world" by Businessweek magazine….

… That said there are a few things that have bothered me about Apple Computer and in particular, Apple; under Steve Jobs

Fix Your Thinking: 5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 30 Years

I  think I’m lucky that my last bit of heavy zealotry was back in the Amiga days. Ever since I’ve tried to be pragmatic on products and technologies, and it’s served me well.

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