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Ceiva 2 Project

Just got a Ceiva 2 at a dying Good Guys for next to nothing. Since getting set up for the service is more expensive than the machine, 🙂 I decided to go ahead and learn a little bit by trying to play with the hardware itself. So here are some links for my reference.

I’ll keep checking this out tomorrow.

Update: It turns out my unit looks a lot more like the 3 series. I wonder if this is because this is a floor model.

Wow, bluedonkey is a great resource. Apparently the ethernet adapter is like this one, and this is the info on how to get the CPU cross compiling going.

Update Jan 12 2006: It looks like I will be needing one of these


  1. AJ

    Hey Hackerdude,

    Have you had any luck getting your CEIVA3 to work?

    After looking at the mini-HOWTO I was wondering, can you back up the CEIVA before doing this so you can restore if you wish or is it a oneway deal?

    See ya

  2. Hackerdude

    I think it’s a one way deal.

    I haven’t tried getting the CMOS converter since I’m finishing a project at work and have very little free time to solder stuff right now (haven’t even ordered the CMOS converter yet!). But I should be able to get back to hardware hacking this month.

  3. Hackerdude

    As far as backing it up, I doubt you could back it up without taking off the ROMs and backing them up some other way. So it’s a one-way deal. However screwing it up with a bad kernel “should” (haven’t done it so I don’t actually know) not hurt anything since you can just short J10 again to reupload hermit.

  4. Robert Thille

    I’ve got a Ceiva2 as well (seems to be the same board as the Ceiva3). I’ve got the serial port working and some output from it is on my site. It runs VXWorks, and I haven’t figured out how to break into it yet. I’m considering getting a USB->JTAG adapter to see if I can program it with a new bootloader that way.
    Drop me a line if you’re interested in colaborating.

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