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Ant script for UMLGraph – separate packages and details views

Here’s how to call UMLGraph from ant.. Also, the documentation mentions Multiple Views, but it provides a makefile. Seeing that most java users use ant instead, I went ahead and incorporated this as well.

To use, create a target that calls each package, changing the uml-package and uml-output arguments for each iteration. To also get a detailed view, set uml-detailed-view:

< param name="uml-package" value="com/my/first/package/*" />

The uml-package-doc target runs the doclet and then calls the dot-format target. A nearly identical target handles the details and only runs if the “uml-detailed-view” is set.

Finally, The “-run-dot” target runs the dot program.

Generating UML for ${uml-package}

Generating UML for ${uml-package}