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Two year-olds and the scientific method

As I watch my little one play with his trains (he’s still pre-videogames) I can see the essence of the scientific method playing over and over with his hands and his eyes.

Try to put the big train and attach it to the little train. It doesn’t work. How about the toy car? Nope, not […]

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So now I'm on subversion

For my latest pet project  I used subversion. I enjoyed it so much I switched everything to it now, and I set up an area for my source code repository, where you can gasp at my ugly code. I replaced the "Projects" section of the sidebar here with a link to the repository instead.

I […]

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DHH: The Accept Header and Rails 1.1

Over at Loud Thinking,  David Hanson has a great explanation of how you can use the accept header with Rails 1.1.


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Site back up

The site was down most of the day, but we’re back up now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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