WebLoad – Bait and Switch

As a software writer, I download a lot of sample software. In the software world, most people are good about working with their community, and the way you conduct yourself in business matters a lot. This is why I was so amazed to receive this today.

Dear Madam/Sir,

According to our records you have downloaded a version of WebLOAD Open Source. We would like to reiterate the following:

-WebLOAD Open Source has been declared End of life (EOL)

If you still have a version of the product we remind you that under the EULA, any distribution of the product or using it to service third parties is strictly forbidden.

What are the options available to you?

For a limited time RadView offers a competitive upgrade to WebLOAD Professional. We encourage you to contact a sales rep in your region quickly as discounts are set to expire.

Yada, yada, yada marketschpiel

Here’s my response:

Well I’m glad I ended up staying with jmeter for my load testing needs then.

You may want to take a look at how your community is seeing you. This is not exactly the best way to acquire new clients or even retain your existing ones.

Now I will go out of my way to recommend any competition to you (even commercial, fully closed source) because at least I know what I get when I purchase from them instead of getting what seems like a bait-and-switch. I don’t have time to deal with dishonest people, I have software to write.

It’s not like there’s no alternatives.

Maybe they hired a Music lawyer as their marketing person?

And honestly, did they really think nobody was going to blog about this??