Values common to software managers across cultures

A good software executive or manager will foster meritocracy, will have a good ability for followup, and will scan the environment for opportunities to innovate, whether it’s looking at new techniques related to the current software project or assist the business stakeholders in finding and prioritizing more processes that can be automated.

The “people” approach […]

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Using the Bluetooth keyboard under the iPad

Well, I mentioned I’d attach a bluetooth keyboard to the iPad to try it out and that’s exactly what I did. The results are better than with the regular keyboard but still not ideal.

Of course typing with a real keyboard is going to feel great. The problem is that it’s just field typing. On […]

WebLoad – Bait and Switch

As a software writer, I download a lot of sample software. In the software world, most people are good about working with their community, and the way you conduct yourself in business matters a lot. This is why I was so amazed to receive this today.

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Alan Kay, Computer Literacy and Romance

Found this on my “fortune” program today:

“Computer literacy is a contact with the activity of computing deep enough to make the computational equivalent of reading and writing fluent and enjoyable. As in all the arts, a romance with the material must be well under way. If we value the lifelong learning of […]

ZDNet: How to avoid receiving a $830.20 iPhone bill (International Traveling)

ZDNet published an article on How to avoid receiving an $837.20 iPhone bill which is very much worth reading. Here are some of my Strategies when traveling internationally with an iPhone

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I am now using Twitter again. I am hackerdude, of course. Come join the fun!

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Steve Jobs on Success – from D5 conference

Here are some thoughts on success by Steve Jobs, prompted by a question asked at the D5 conference where he had a joint interview with Bill Gates. The whole thing is worth watching, or listening to, or reading the transcripts but this is relevant if you work in this business.

MacGeekery: Launchd items

I set up instiki locally for my own notes and I needed to get it to start automatically in a proper way. I found an excellent tip on how to create launchd items using the property list editor. Works like a charm.

Now I even made a web clipping dashboard widget with the homepage of […]

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How I set up a new Customer on a Mac Workstation

I do consulting and sometimes I deal with different clients/projects. This requires a bit of compartmentalized thinking, but I still like to do it fast without having to endlessly tweak my setup. By now I have evolved a way to set up a new customer (when I get a whole new project) on my Mac. […]

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iPhone: No, we do need a real programming model

I do love my iPhone. But.. I’m writing this while commuting on an underground train, of course without a connection. And of course there’s Airplane mode. Being out of the country. There’s a million reasons to need to use the iPhone disconnected.

You just can’t tell me that, since the programming model is fully on […]