Note taking applications: Evernote vs Journler

I stopped doing GTD. And I totally shouldn’t have.

I have determined that the problem was the lack of an “always there” todo list and note taking device. I write too slowly and am not organized enough to use my moleskine (never mind that I also tend to forget it), and my lifestyle is too mobile to just use a laptop.

I tried iGTD and Omnifocus. Ominfocus was too heavy on the resources, though by now I should probably try it again (maybe when they come up with an iPhone rich client). I also used Circus Ponies’ Notebook, which was pretty nice but didn’t do spotlight with enough granularity. Then I tried Journler (for journaling, never used it for GTD) and now I’m trying out Evernote. So how does Evernote compare?

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A trip down memory lane

Who knew parallels could be this much fun?

I recently got Parallels Workstation for my Intel iMac. This weekend I went on a cleaning spree of my office and I found some very old CDs with Operating systems, software, etcetera.

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and install some of them..

So now I have OS 2 Warp V3, Windows 3.1/MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 98, in addition to Windows 2000 and XP which I actually use to test.

Fun fun fun!

Screenshot of old vms

Man, I love VMs!

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Modal Dialogs and Outlook 2003

So I open an e-mail in outlook by double clicking on it (which opens it in a new window), from 10 new emails that are to a distribution list.

I want to create a rule from them so I go back o the main Inbox window. Then I say "Tools", "Rules and Alerts", "New Rule"…

Then I want to add a rule for messages sent to the distribution list, however now the address (which I promptly forgot because human brains tend to forget unimportant things) is obscured. Since both "Rules and Alerts", and "New Rule Wizard" dialogs are modal, I have to cancel not once, but twice, in order to move the window so I can see it.

Yes, I "could have" right-clicked on the mesage and say "Create Rule", but since the Inbox view doesn’t have a "To" column by default (and I agree, it is stupid to add one), I don’t actually know which of these messages are sent to the Distribution list and which are specifically to me, right?

Yes, I can also add "Create Rule" when the message is open, however this is on the "Actions" menu, when the rules engine on the Inbox is on the "Tools" menu. So for a while I don’t find it. I guess I need training – after all, I’ve only been using windows applications since Windows 2.0 came out.

Too many choices getting in the way, and not one matching the way a user thinks.


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