Note taking applications: Evernote vs Journler

I stopped doing GTD. And I totally shouldn’t have. I have determined that the problem was the lack of an “always there” todo list and note taking device. I write too slowly and am not organized enough to use my moleskine (never mind that I also tend to forget it), and my lifestyle is too […]

A trip down memory lane

Who knew parallels could be this much fun?
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Modal Dialogs and Outlook 2003

So I open an e-mail in outlook by double clicking on it (which opens it in a new window), from 10 new emails that are to a distribution list.

I want to create a rule from them so I go back o the main Inbox window. Then I say "Tools", "Rules and Alerts", "New Rule"…

Then […]

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ASP.Net Web Matrix Project

A buddy at Microsoft sends me this: This one I am especially proud of. We just launched this yesterday afternoon. Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix Project

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