Mac Tip: Avoiding .ds_store creation on your network drives

From this item at macosxhints – Prevent .ds_store creation across multiple user accounts

it turns out its fairly easy to configure an OS X client to apply the setting for any user who logs in.You just need to run this command…

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

…under a single account, then copy the created plist to /Library/Prefrences.

The article also has other ways of going about this, including vetoing files on the samba share directly (clever!)

Mac Mini.. This should prove interesting.

Today we were driving around and found a closing sale at a “Good Guys” store. All of their stores are closing in California and folding into CompUSA.

The discounts were very deep – they were even getting rid of the furniture and fixtures. So as I was walking around I saw a floor model of a Mac Mini (1.25G4/256Mb/40Gb/CDRW+DVDROM) priced at $329. As Apple never discounts and eBayers have a way of getting things priced way higher than fair market, I couldn’t resist.

So now I’m typing this on a Mac. Continue reading “Mac Mini.. This should prove interesting.”

MacOSX user? Try fink

Lately I’ve been fooling around with more platforms at home. I think now I have all the important ones represented (MacOSX, Windows, Linux and Solaris Sparc), and I’m probably about to blow a fuse unless I start distributing these things around the house (I think I already blew a NIC in one of the boxes).

Anyway, I was told by a Machead friend recently about Fink and I have to say I am really impressed with it. Continue reading “MacOSX user? Try fink”