iPad – first impressions

My experiences with the iPad so far
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Figure out the encoding of a stream

Have you ever seen a stream of data coming from a network, and it has some European accented characters in an encoding you don’t recognize? Sometimes bad coding practices or assumptions about encoding when pasting into documents make the encoding on the file not match all or part of the encoding of a document. This […]

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FuzzyCom :: Using DTrace for javascript debug on OS X in firefox

Vincent Hellot over at FuzzyCom teaches how to use dtrace to trace javascript problems on a Mac (using a specially compiled Firefox binary for OSX). He hints at being able to do it with Ruby on Rails as well. Haven’t tried this, but can’t wait to do so.

This post aims at introducing […]

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Ruby Appscript – Sweet automation

Yesterday a coworker pointed me to ruby’s appscript. I have found it nothing short of amazing. I love my Mac, and many of us like the idea of automating our software, until we try to use AppleScript to do it. To say that Applescript is professional developer unfriendly is an understatement. I like ruby but […]

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Quick and stupid: Don't set unlimited on the buffer size of Terminal

If you’re a developer and use Terminal.app, don’t set “unlimited” on the buffer size. After a day of using it heavily to review logs and whatnot your computer will be *really* slow. It’s Terminal.app keeping in RAM what you did yesterday. Stupid and Obvious, but still figured I’d write it down.

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Bindings, Outlets, Target+Action across multiple NIBs

I’m a total troublemaker. For my first Core Data app I decided to do something nontrivial (multiple windows referring to a single document). Of course nontrivial means that the Interface Builder can only help me so far. So now I’m stuck trying to get things to work out right. Luckily Patrick Geiller has put […]

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Creating a Git project for XCode/Cocoa apps

You can always count on somebody to have figured things out before you.. Chrisopher Roach’s blog has a nice quick setup guide to get your xcode project in a git repo (gitignores, attributes and basic git push capability).

Whenever I setup a new Xcode project, the first thing I do is initialize […]

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Ruby, Folder actions and full automation

I routinely scan my documents as PDFs so I can keep them in a virtual filing cabinet (you know, the whole “paperless office” thing). I use my HP all-in-one software running on a Windows VM inside a Mac (sorry, but the Mac scanning software on HP is complete garbage in my opinion). What bothered me […]

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Some useful OSX Applications

Besides the iLife Suite, here are some applications I’ve found useful lately. Here they are. I will update this in the next few days.

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iBank Review

After my nightmare with Quicken I decided to try many different financial packages. I ended up deciding on iBank 2.3.2. I have been using it for a little while now and here are my impressions. technorati tags: finances osx mac

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