Coders: Living on the Edge

Fun and entertaining early Linux History, from Lars Wirzenius:

At one point, Linus had implemented device files in /dev, and wanted to dial up the university computer and debug his terminal emulation code again. So he starts his terminal emulator program and tells it to use /dev/hda. That should have been /dev/ttyS1. Oops. Now his […]

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Adobe: Implement ETDs on Linux, please!

I just left this on the Adobe forums:

I just bought an e-book from amazon because it said it was Adobe Reader.. I didn’t choose Microsoft Reader because I have a Linux machine (the book was also available on Microsoft’s eReader format). Now only after spending the money do I realize that your application can […]

links for 2006-02-25

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Ceiva 2 Project

Just got a Ceiva 2 at a dying Good Guys for next to nothing. Since getting set up for the service is more expensive than the machine, I decided to go ahead and learn a little bit by trying to play with the hardware itself. So here are some links for my reference.

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My Experiences with Knoppix

This article relates my experiences with Knoppix, a Linux distribution that runs straight off the CD.

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