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JIRA to Task Managers

I used to have a JIRA to Omnifocus Script which fell into disrepair for a bit.

It worked well, but as the Mac modernized itself it ended up with a lot of issues.

So I rewrote it by splitting it into a front-end (JIRA) and back-ends (the different task managers) for Yosemite and El Capitan. Now […]

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JIRA To Omnifocus Script

This script logs into your JIRA and creates OmniFocus tasks for each of the JIRA items that are assigned to you, so they sync to your Omnifocus for iPhone, you only have to keep track of one inbox, etc. It only takes a tiny bit of setup.

Ruby Appscript – Sweet automation

Yesterday a coworker pointed me to ruby’s appscript. I have found it nothing short of amazing. I love my Mac, and many of us like the idea of automating our software, until we try to use AppleScript to do it. To say that Applescript is professional developer unfriendly is an understatement. I like ruby but […]

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DHH: The Accept Header and Rails 1.1

Over at Loud Thinking,  David Hanson has a great explanation of how you can use the accept header with Rails 1.1.


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Parse Picasa XML with Rails

Here’s a helper I just wrote for a site of mine. I use it with my picasa XML albums to generate the appropriate links for Lokesh Dhakar’s lightbox image viewer trick. You can change it to use your own image views by simply changing the "slideshow" method in the helper. It is also a good […]

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Curso de Rails: Desarrollo basado en Pruebas

He añadido al curso de rails el capítulo práctico de pruebas de unidad, incluyendo el desarrollo basado en pruebas. Espero les guste, y les agradezco sus comentarios y apoyo a este proyecto.

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Rails: Mapeando objetos a relaciones

He añadido el capítulo de Mapeo de objetos a relaciones al curso de Rails. Todavia faltan dos tipos de relaciones y la parte práctica, pero como el contenido es muy útil como referencia decidí añadirlo de una vez.

Espero les guste y que demuestren su gusto haciendo click en los anuncios.

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Eckel on Java vs Rails: The departure of the hyper-enthusiasts

As always Bruce Eckel is a great read..The Java hyper-enthusiasts have left the building, leaving a significant contingent of Java programmers behind, blinking in the bright lights without the constant drumbeat of boosterism. But the majority of programmers, who have been relatively quiet all this time, always knew that Java is […]

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Tutor de Rails en Español

De mi tutor de Rails en Español:Este curso pretende proporcionar al usuario información suficiente para hacer aplicaciones de web profesionales utilizando Ruby on Rails. Está enfocado a personas que ya sepan algo de programación en otros lenguajes, lo cual quiere decir que durante el curso haré referencia a conceptos y librerías familiares a usuarios […]

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RIFE vs Rails side by side

Like many other java developers, I am currently using Spring and
Hibernate, so I can’t attest to the quality of RIFE. But I thought this
was interesting: This is a side-by-side
comparison of the RIFE source vs. the Rails source for the
same feature (Ta-da list
vs Bla bla list).
Just another thing to add to the ever-growing list of […]

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