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Concurrency Strategies for Hibernate Caching

Caching and concurrency management are tricky. If you have a cache that lives in memory but you have updates to the database that the objects originally came from, how are you going to make sure that the cached objects still reflect the contents of the database? This really depends on what type of data you […]

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On the topic of assertions

Every assertion should be thought from the standpoint of

What was expected
What actually happened

Translation: assertTrue should always, always have a message.

Consider the following:


This will only return “assertion failed”. Which is great, but how do we know what happened? If this is buried on one of the lunt automated remote builds, how […]

Wazaabi – XUL for RCP.

This opens pretty interesting possibilities:

Via TheServerSide:

Wazaabi includes a GUI framework that brings XUL to Eclipse RCP plugin developers and a set of components that link the client-side XUL based viewers and forms to server-side business components. Thus, rich client developers can use XUL to code a GUI, rather than using SWT.Wazaabi brings XUL to […]

Using Hibernate Validators with Spring and Hibernate

In this article, Ted Bergeron shows you how to use the Validator component of Hibernate Annotations to build and maintain validation logic easily in your Web apps.Hibernate can meet your validation needs

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Google Web toolkit

Okay, it’s official. Now everybody has a web 2.0 solution.

With GWT, you can develop and debug AJAX applications in the Java language using the Java development tools of your choice. When you deploy your application to production, the GWT compiler to translates your Java application to browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML.

Google Web Toolkit – Product […]

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Eckel on Java vs Rails: The departure of the hyper-enthusiasts

As always Bruce Eckel is a great read..The Java hyper-enthusiasts have left the building, leaving a significant contingent of Java programmers behind, blinking in the bright lights without the constant drumbeat of boosterism. But the majority of programmers, who have been relatively quiet all this time, always knew that Java is […]

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RIFE vs Rails side by side

Like many other java developers, I am currently using Spring and
Hibernate, so I can’t attest to the quality of RIFE. But I thought this
was interesting: This is a side-by-side
comparison of the RIFE source vs. the Rails source for the
same feature (Ta-da list
vs Bla bla list).
Just another thing to add to the ever-growing list of […]

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I missed Mixins in Java today

Note to Sun: I missed being able to do mixins with Java today. Maybe it’s all this playing with Rails, but back in Java-land I had this particular problem and I thought – mixins would solve this. But no go. Not even with JDK 1.5.

I guess I’ll just put on my monkey coder hat […]

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Rip UML straight out of java

I’ve been playing with the idea of taking the UML straight out of java, so I can do multiplatform UML Sketching using basically plaintext . So I went and downloaded UMLGraph and incorporated it into the my build system. So far I like it, but I have a couple of thoughts on it.

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Using Jobs API and asyncExec

Using the Jobs API (Job and IProgressMonitor) you can implement code that will run in a thread and update the standard Eclipse progress monitoring service as you go along in your thread.

To create a job, extend from org.eclipse.core.runtime.Job and implement the run method:

protected IStatus run(IProgressMonitor monitor) {
int steps = 100000;
monitor.beginTask(“My […]

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