Eclipse dealt with mainly as a development platform.

Wazaabi – XUL for RCP.

This opens pretty interesting possibilities:

Via TheServerSide:

Wazaabi includes a GUI framework that brings XUL to Eclipse RCP plugin developers and a set of components that link the client-side XUL based viewers and forms to server-side business components. Thus, rich client developers can use XUL to code a GUI, rather than using SWT.Wazaabi brings XUL to […]

Cheatsheet: Favorite Eclipse Plugins

This is a quick little cheatsheet with my favorite eclipse plugins and the locations of their update sites. It’s so I can get back up and running quickly when reinstalling eclipse from scratch.

Eclipse Checkstyle –
Spring IDE –
Fitnesse by Band XI –
Subversion for Eclipse –
Memory Monitor –
Mylar – (or […]

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Graphical Modeling Framework

Boy don’t I know this – in a prior life I wrote a GEF editor for a workflow engine.

Let me be blunt: In the past, creating graphical editors within Eclipse using the Graphical Editor Framework (GEF) was slow and painful. It involved understanding a complex framework and quite a bit of redundant code. That […]

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Using Jobs API and asyncExec

Using the Jobs API (Job and IProgressMonitor) you can implement code that will run in a thread and update the standard Eclipse progress monitoring service as you go along in your thread.

To create a job, extend from org.eclipse.core.runtime.Job and implement the run method:

protected IStatus run(IProgressMonitor monitor) {
int steps = 100000;
monitor.beginTask(“My […]

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Folding in Eclipse Text Editors

In this article on the Eclipse website, Prashant Deva explains the new projection infrastructure introduced in the JFace Text framework and shows how to extend the XML Editor example provided with Eclipse to allow folding of text..

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Eclipse as a Platform

Lately I’ve been doing all kinds of Eclipse work. It’s a good IDE, and a better platform for application development.

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