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Getting OS X Terminal to behave

Last time I didn’t write this down and this time I’m blogging about it so I don’t forget it. OSX Hints has a good guide on how to set Terminal.app to work the way God Intended (great command line user that He is).

I am handy around the Terminal.app, but for me the main thing […]

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Using Hibernate Validators with Spring and Hibernate

In this article, Ted Bergeron shows you how to use the Validator component of Hibernate Annotations to build and maintain validation logic easily in your Web apps.Hibernate can meet your validation needs

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Editando código HTML en idiomas con marcas diacríticas

Manejando marcas diacríticas en HTML

Mac Tip: Avoiding .ds_store creation on your network drives

From this item at macosxhints – Prevent .ds_store creation across multiple user accountsit turns out its fairly easy to configure an OS X client to apply the setting for any user who logs in.You just need to run this command…defaults write com.apple.desktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores true…under a single account, then copy the created plist to /Library/Prefrences.

The […]

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One-to-One relationships with Rails

How to define and populate a one-to-one relationship using ActiveRecord and Ruby on Rails.
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Ant script for UMLGraph – separate packages and details views

Here’s how to call UMLGraph from ant.. Also, the documentation mentions Multiple Views, but it provides a makefile. Seeing that most java users use ant instead, I went ahead and incorporated this as well.

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Using Jobs API and asyncExec

Using the Jobs API (Job and IProgressMonitor) you can implement code that will run in a thread and update the standard Eclipse progress monitoring service as you go along in your thread.

To create a job, extend from org.eclipse.core.runtime.Job and implement the run method:

protected IStatus run(IProgressMonitor monitor) {
int steps = 100000;
monitor.beginTask(“My […]

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Retrieving random lines from a file

A little class to retrieve a random line from a file.

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Oracle tuning: Using Hints

Every once in a while you will get a query that no matter what you try, it doesn’t use the indices. This is typically because the cost-based optimizer decides that an approach that is slower has a total cost that is lower than using the index and making it faster. To solve this, you would […]

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Oracle tuning: Using explain plan

In order to make queries run faster, you should try to have oracle explain to you how the query should be performed. The whole explanation for oracle tuning can be found on the Oracle Tuning guide, but here are the basics.

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