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Esto es en respuesta a la Carta abierta de un desempleado a los entrevistadores A veces hago entrevistas laborales. Una de nuestras oficinas está en México. En mi compañía NO hacemos pruebas psicométricas, y solicitamos currículums sin foto, edad o información personal. Mi interés principal es 1) Eres listo, puedes escribir código al nivel que […]

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Some of my thoughts on Git

Git is the version control system I am using now. I find it useful for my needs in particular since I do at least a part of my work on locations that don’t have network access. Git uses a federated model – you have all the repository history, and you can commit even while you’re […]

Blogging with TextMate

Who would have known? I’ve been using TextMate for a while now, and now I find out that you can use it to post blogs. I guess you learn something new every day. here’s the movie on how to use it. technorati tags: textmate, blogging tools

Agile Chronicles Blog: A few good managers

This is awesome..

Development: “You want answers?”
Marketing: “I think we are entitled to them!”
Development: “You want answers?!”
Marketing: “I want the truth!”
Development: “You can’t handle the truth!!!
Son, we live in a world that requires software. And that software must be built by people with elite skills. Who’s going to build it? You, Mr. Marketing? You, Mr. […]

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On the topic of assertions

Every assertion should be thought from the standpoint of

What was expected
What actually happened

Translation: assertTrue should always, always have a message.

Consider the following:


This will only return “assertion failed”. Which is great, but how do we know what happened? If this is buried on one of the lunt automated remote builds, how […]

Planning Poker Cards

Graeme over at Contrado Solutions has put together some Scrum Poker Cards. These are good for Poker Estimation.
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Hunting vs. Gathering – our cavemen brain

I’ve spent the last few months implementing GTD and I’m still getting used to it, although I feel I’m achieving a comfortable rythm. One of the big “ah-hah” moments in this process however is the difference between our “hunting” and our “gathering” brains. The basic premise of dividing your time in “collecting without doing” […]

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Using Hibernate Validators with Spring and Hibernate

In this article, Ted Bergeron shows you how to use the Validator component of Hibernate Annotations to build and maintain validation logic easily in your Web apps.Hibernate can meet your validation needs

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Don't try this on a scrum team, kids! provides us with a funny list of things to do to “look busy”.

Here’s a few tips I’ve learned in my short time on this earth that have kept me from getting too much » How to Do Nothing at Work, and Get Away With It

He goes on to explain his “tips”.

It left […]

Two year-olds and the scientific method

As I watch my little one play with his trains (he’s still pre-videogames) I can see the essence of the scientific method playing over and over with his hands and his eyes.

Try to put the big train and attach it to the little train. It doesn’t work. How about the toy car? Nope, not […]

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