Concurrency Strategies for Hibernate Caching

Caching and concurrency management are tricky. If you have a cache that lives in memory but you have updates to the database that the objects originally came from, how are you going to make sure that the cached objects still reflect the contents of the database?

This really depends on what type of data you are dealing with. Data types that are mostly read (news, notices, articles) probably benefit from whatever caching you can provide, while areas of data that change a lot (shopping carts, server status records) probably won’t benefit from caching at all.

Here are the concurrency strategies on hibernate caching explained:

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OSX Personal Finance Software Alternatives

Is it too much to ask for a decent personal finance software package for OS X? I have used Quicken on PCs since 3.0. MS Money is also nice although I never really used it for more than trying it out.

I had heard Quicken for Mac was not as far ahead as the Windows version. But I thought, “the Windows version is so good, how bad can it be?” Boy was I wrong.

The app looks and feels like it’s put together in a rush, with no attention to detail, by people who got their first course of OSX development about a week ago. It is BAD.

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