Linux to OS X Mini-Migration Guide

For Unix and Linux users, OS X is more of a lateral move, thanks to OS X’s BSD underpinnings. Unfortunately with all the market-speak it may drive some smart engineer-types away from trying it out, since all of the every day things you live with is either buried deep in the developer documentation or behaves strangely out of the box.

I haven’t found a document that covers this all together, so here it is, the basics to get comfortable if you’re a command-line type of guy:

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WEP Security in Mexico is Awesome.. D'oh!

I wish it wasn’t true, because I like it better when people share, but WiFi security in Mexico is very good. Every household seems to have its network secured. I see 7 or 8 access points whenever I open the laptop, but no open ones.

Dang. And I needed to get some e-mail done with the office. And of course this blog posting will have to wait until I’m at a cybercafe as well 🙂

Actually, I found a new mall that has an open WiFi on its food court. Slow, but sweet.. Now where’s the Tacos al Pastor?

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