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Flow time, processes and tools

I am big on flow time. Whenever I am placed in a completely new environment I strive to find a way to achieve the maximum possible flow time.

Here’s a great description of this with an eye to human interruptions, which cites De Marco’s Peopleware and also makes the connection to ESR’s Jargon file.

You should […]

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Parse Picasa XML with Rails

Here’s a helper I just wrote for a site of mine. I use it with my picasa XML albums to generate the appropriate links for Lokesh Dhakar’s lightbox image viewer trick. You can change it to use your own image views by simply changing the "slideshow" method in the helper. It is also a good […]

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links for 2006-02-25

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Daily bookmarks

I have many computers, so using has helped me a lot. Recently I found some intructions on how to post your daily links on your blog. So that’s what I’m doing. Nightly, a post wll show up here with what I’ve linked to.

I figured it would make a nice addition.

UPDATE: As it turns […]

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Modal Dialogs and Outlook 2003

So I open an e-mail in outlook by double clicking on it (which opens it in a new window), from 10 new emails that are to a distribution list.

I want to create a rule from them so I go back o the main Inbox window. Then I say "Tools", "Rules and Alerts", "New Rule"…

Then […]

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Curso de Rails: Desarrollo basado en Pruebas

He añadido al curso de rails el capítulo práctico de pruebas de unidad, incluyendo el desarrollo basado en pruebas. Espero les guste, y les agradezco sus comentarios y apoyo a este proyecto.

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Zimbra – Check it out

Recently I posted a link to Mark McNeil’s entry about expecting more, and how as developers we need to get use to giving more. 

Well, on that note, Zimbra is pretty cool. It’s a very nice groupware, outlook-like email/calendaring solution that is open source and has some amazing use of ajax

A couple of things I […]

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Yahoo user interface library

I’ve been playing a bit with the Yahoo User Interface Library (YUI for short), and I have to say it’s awesome. So far I’ve been using for some of my personal stuff. The feature sets pretty much complement each other, and Yahoo’s excellent code standards (all their yahoo names start with Yahoo.*) means they […]

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Editando código HTML en idiomas con marcas diacríticas

Manejando marcas diacríticas en HTML

Rails: Mapeando objetos a relaciones

He añadido el capítulo de Mapeo de objetos a relaciones al curso de Rails. Todavia faltan dos tipos de relaciones y la parte práctica, pero como el contenido es muy útil como referencia decidí añadirlo de una vez.

Espero les guste y que demuestren su gusto haciendo click en los anuncios.

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