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Air Travel Sucks!

Air travel is stupid.

DeveloperWorks: Automate acceptance tests with Selenium

In this article, the author shows architects, developers, and testers how to use the Selenium testing tools to automate acceptance tests; automating the tests saves times and helps eliminate tester mistakes. You also are provided with an example of how to apply Selenium in a real-world project using Ruby on Rails and Ajax.Automate acceptance […]

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Eckel on Java vs Rails: The departure of the hyper-enthusiasts

As always Bruce Eckel is a great read..The Java hyper-enthusiasts have left the building, leaving a significant contingent of Java programmers behind, blinking in the bright lights without the constant drumbeat of boosterism. But the majority of programmers, who have been relatively quiet all this time, always knew that Java is […]

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Ceiva 2 Project

Just got a Ceiva 2 at a dying Good Guys for next to nothing. Since getting set up for the service is more expensive than the machine, I decided to go ahead and learn a little bit by trying to play with the hardware itself. So here are some links for my reference.

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Tutor de Rails en Español

De mi tutor de Rails en Español:Este curso pretende proporcionar al usuario información suficiente para hacer aplicaciones de web profesionales utilizando Ruby on Rails. Está enfocado a personas que ya sepan algo de programación en otros lenguajes, lo cual quiere decir que durante el curso haré referencia a conceptos y librerías familiares a usuarios […]

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The sad state of Mac OS X Photo Management Software

I gave iPhoto an honest try, and I’m going back to Picasa on the PC for managing my photos.. iPhoto is just a ridiculously bloated, silly excuse for a photo management program, especially when you have a very large library. It has been acting up ever since I got it and things have not […]

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Beginner's AJAX Advice: Learn CSS First!

Sometimes the best advice is sitting in comments…**Ajax is not a substitute for good style construction.** If you want a DIV to change 19 different styles when you do something to it, write a small, intelligent set of CSS classes that govern the changeable vs. unchangeable styles and use JS to add or subtract […]

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¿Bloguear en Español?

Revisando mis estadísticas me dí cuenta de que mucha gente todavía visita el Curso de Delphi en Español que escribí hace algunos años.Me pregunto si a alguien le interesaría que pusiera algunos de mis pensamientos en Español en este blog. Más que nada sería acerca de metodología, Java y Ruby on Rails.Si lo hiciera, […]

Eventful – web 2.0 public calendars

When looking for calendaring software I found this:With Eventful, you can… * Discover interesting events, venues, and calendars * Narrow your search by time, place, keyword, proximity, and other criteria * Create unlimited web calendars, with built-in iCalendar, RSS, and web publishing tools […]

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GUI Gallery

I’m a retrocomputing fanatic, and this is pretty neat.Go GEOS and AmigaDOS!On these pages you will find many screen shots of various desktop computer Graphical User Interfaces and operating systems. Many different people have had different ideas of how a GUI should work and these screen shots show many of the more popular ones.Graphical […]

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