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iPod, Podcasts and your Car

The importance of making metadata make human sense.
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I missed Mixins in Java today

Note to Sun: I missed being able to do mixins with Java today. Maybe it’s all this playing with Rails, but back in Java-land I had this particular problem and I thought – mixins would solve this. But no go. Not even with JDK 1.5.

I guess I’ll just put on my monkey coder hat […]

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One-to-One relationships with Rails

How to define and populate a one-to-one relationship using ActiveRecord and Ruby on Rails.
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First Mac Mini Scare

I was running software update, and the whole computer locked up tight right in the middle of installing (even the mouse wouldn’t move). Hard rebooted after a long wait. The machine rebooted fine except – no Finder. I did end up fixing it. Here’s what I tried.

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Ant script for UMLGraph – separate packages and details views

Here’s how to call UMLGraph from ant.. Also, the documentation mentions Multiple Views, but it provides a makefile. Seeing that most java users use ant instead, I went ahead and incorporated this as well.

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Rip UML straight out of java

I’ve been playing with the idea of taking the UML straight out of java, so I can do multiplatform UML Sketching using basically plaintext . So I went and downloaded UMLGraph and incorporated it into the my build system. So far I like it, but I have a couple of thoughts on it.

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Mac Mini.. This should prove interesting.

Today we were driving around and found a closing sale at a “Good Guys” store. All of their stores are closing in California and folding into CompUSA. The discounts were very deep – they were even getting rid of the furniture and fixtures. So as I was walking around I saw a floor model of […]

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Securing RSS for financial use

How do people think RSS URLs could be secured for use in financial subscriptions? After listening to Steve and Leo’s Security Now #13 podcast on WPA encryption, I came up with this idea. Comments are welcome.

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Using Jobs API and asyncExec

Using the Jobs API (Job and IProgressMonitor) you can implement code that will run in a thread and update the standard Eclipse progress monitoring service as you go along in your thread.

To create a job, extend from org.eclipse.core.runtime.Job and implement the run method:

protected IStatus run(IProgressMonitor monitor) {
int steps = 100000;
monitor.beginTask(“My […]

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Migrated to WordPress

I liked Mambo, but it takes a lot to maintain, and I don’t really use all the features. So I decided to move the site to WordPress instead. The only caveats is that I didn’t migrate the user registrations (or the comments). But all the articles are still here. Please bear with me while I […]

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