Monthly Archives: April 2005

Blueprint Solution: AJAX Autocomplete, RT Form validation and more

The Java Blueprint solutions catalog has added a section on AJAX, describing how autocomplete, real time form validation, progress bars and pseudo-push may work..

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My Experiences with Knoppix

This article relates my experiences with Knoppix, a Linux distribution that runs straight off the CD.

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Searching Google with PHP through NuSoap

How to use the Google APIs to do a quick search using NuSoap.

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MySQL: Create/Drop DB and user

This tip contains a couple of MySQL scripts that allow me to create and drop a database and a user that will “own” said database.

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Tomcat 5.5: DB Datasource with context.xml

Explains how to define a datasource connection for your web application using context.xml

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Log4j configuration file

A log4j configuration file sample.

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Non-leaky query reads

Doing a select statement without leaking connections.

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Obtaining a connection through JNDI

How to obtain a connection through JNDI.

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