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Java: Concurrent Programming with J2SE5.0

This article provides an overview and introductory tutorial to the new concurrency mechanisms that have been added to J2SE 5.0..

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Folding in Eclipse Text Editors

In this article on the Eclipse website, Prashant Deva explains the new projection infrastructure introduced in the JFace Text framework and shows how to extend the XML Editor example provided with Eclipse to allow folding of text..

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AdaptivePath: Metadata for the masses

Peter Merholz writes in AdaptivePath about Metadata and classification. Having done a fair of metadata myself, I can relate to this and I’d be interested to see how this evolves..

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OnJava: 7 low cost ways to improve legacy code

In this article, Robert Simmons Jr shows us the 7 easy ways to improve legacy code..

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OnJava: A java programmer looks at C# delegates

ONJava shows us how to use Java’s dynamic proxies in order to obtain the same functionality as C#’s delegates in this article..

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DOJO: A browser toolkit

DOJO is a project that will create a common toolkit for web application authors to easily use the rich capabilities of browsers..

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AdaptivePath: AJAX

On Adaptive Path, Jesse James Garret talks about AJAX and how it can make your JavaScript applications run much faster by taking advantage of XMLHttpRequest and such functions..

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OnJava: Best Practices for exception handling

When and how to use exceptions? This article offers an approach..

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AOP and Metadata

A great article on metadata and aspect oriented programming. It’s nice to see AOP come of age..

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Screen scraping with XQuery

Developerworks has an article on how to do Screen scraping using XQuery.

I did my share of screen scraping in my day so this may come in handy..

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