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New UI technologies: Hang on for the next revolution

Gordon Moore (the man behind Moore’s Law) said, “You never leave a recession on the same technology that you entered it”. It looks like this is happening with software as well.Like a lot of people in this industry, I’ve been following the new changes in UI development with respect to search and “task-based’ computing, […]

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DeveloperWorks: How far have we come?

In How far have we come?, Gary Pollice does a retrospect to assess how far we have come in software engineering methodology in the last 20 years..

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Code Kata – Practice, Practice

Becoming great at what you do, in development as in other disciplines, involves practice. PragDave has compiled a list of Code Kata for you to practice.

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Back from Vacation

Back from vacation with a vengeance… As part of my new year’s resolutions I will be posting more of my development thoughts on “this here blog”..

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