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Fast Web Services Client with C++Builder Pro

So here’s the lowdown on how to get a web services client extremely quickly with C++ Builder Pro.

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ASP.Net Web Matrix Project

A buddy at Microsoft sends me this: This one I am especially proud of. We just launched this yesterday afternoon. Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix Project

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Weblog ready

Okay. So the weblog seems to be ready. Now I will add content as I have time or read interesting stuff.

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Java site search using google

Sun’s java site is beta testing a new google-powered search engine. Now it should be easier to find that particular API+Tutorial+Messages…
here is their announcement.

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Mr. Haki: Creating Dynamic Images with Java Servlets

Dr. Haki tells us how to create images from a servlet. Quick and neat trick.

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JBoss 3.0 allowed to escape

All J2EE developers take note: JBoss has released their much-touted JBoss 3.0 which you can download at the JBoss download page.

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